Solar challenge

How bizarre a solar powered car is in these climes, we hear you say. Quite right, but in the inhospitable Australian Outback nothing could make better sense to get you from A to B.

The Nuna6 is getting ready for the World Solar Challenge taking place between 16-23 October in said Outback, and is favourite to win the event amid claims from its maker that it's the fastest car of its type in the world.

Constructed by the Nuon Solar Team from Delft University of Technology in Holland (winners of the last four of five World Solar events) this time in conjunction with DSM, the team claims that it has developed bodywork that makes the Nuna6 stronger, lighter and more sturdy than its competitors.

The Nuna6 will have 10 percent less drag than the Nuna5 and is the lightest car the team has produced, weighing in at 145kg and with a length of just 4.4m. Its 1,690 solar cells provide an area of six square metres with its lithim-ion battery cells weighing 21kg while providing a capacity of 5kwh.

'It's important that Nuna6 has perfect aerodynamic characteristics,' says team leader Pier van Zonneveld. 'It's not just a matter of minimising air resistance. We also needed to make sure the airflow around the car causes as little turbulence as possible, to improve the handling.'

Pictured during wind tunnel testing before being shipped to Australia for the biannual World Solar Challenge, the Nuna6 is quite justly the favourite to win the solar crown and Excite Motoring wish the team well.

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