Speed boob

A titillating speed camera image shows a Chinese man at the wheel of his car with one hand on the steering wheel while the other fondles the breast of the woman passenger sitting next to him.

Deng Jialin was snapped travelling at 7mph over the speed limit of 50mph on the road between Santai and Shehong. From the looks of it he was too busy copping a feel to notice the speed boob.

But although Chinese authorities have confirmed the speed the car was travelling at, Jialin has denied it and claims the snap has been tampered with. You can't blame the guy for being in denial after the misfortune of his impulsive action leading not only to speeding charge, but also to the picture of his indiscretion being dissemintated around the world! Along with his name!

His explanation is that on the day in question he was the only person in the car, and that the mystery passenger is the result of some digital jiggery pokery.

If his partner believes him, it's as well for him, but we think he'll have to do better than that to convince the rest of the world!

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