Types of Sport Cars around the World

A sports car is commonly a two-seat automobile designed for high speed driving. The first sports car traces its root in 1910 when the Vauxhall sports car was made. All sports cars have the same framework in regards to the front engine and rear wheel drive design. The seating configuration of a sports car consists of two full front seats. Some sport cars also feature two additional back seats that can accommodate only small luggage or small children. Today, sport cars have increased the size of seating space. The driver?s seat can be placed in the centre of the car to allow space for passenger seats on the sides and behind the driver?s seat.

Italy: Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo is an entry-level sportscar. It is the most manufactured model from the Lamborghini family. The vehicle is a rival to Ferrari 360 and Ferrari F-430. The Lamborghini Gallardo sports car has potential for country and city road use. It has a maximum speed of 196 mph. The maximum speed is attained in 4 seconds. The sports car gear system uses a six-speed transmission system. The gearbox system consists of manual and automatic transmission.

United States: Chrylser ME Four-Twelve

The Chrysler model, ME Four-Twelve, is light in weight. The body is made of carbon fibre. There are Chrysler sports car models whose structures are made of aluminium and chrome. The Chrysler ME Four-Twelvesports car has ample room on the inside. The room is enough to accommodate leg space. The interior is 45 inches tall. The sports car has quad-turbo V-12engine system. The engine has twelve cylinders and four turbo chargers. Theengine is kept cool by use of an efficient cooling system. The Chrysler has atop speed of 248 mph. The sports car achieves a speed of 100 mph in 6 seconds.

Germany: Porsche Carrera GT

The Porsche Carrera GT is manufactured by Porsche of Germany. The sports car is powered by a 5.7 litre V10 engine. The engine has a horsepower of 450KW. The Porsche Carrera GT accelerates to a speed of 100 mph in 3.9 seconds.The sports car has a maximum speed of 206 mph.

Mercedes SLR McLaren

This sports car is a joint venture development by DaimlerChrysler and the McLaren car company. The sports car is assembled and manufactured at the McLaren Technology Centre in England. The car sells at an initial price of $455,000. The sports car has a V8 engine system consisting of 5.5 Litre supercharged fuel system. The vehicle has a horsepower of 466.8 KW while driving.



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