Buying Star Motorcycles

Star motorcycles have held their own over the years despite being in the shadow of the ever-popular Harley-Davidson bikes. They have come up with dazzling innovations to captivate the bike enthusiast. From the Raider to the Road Star, to the Stryker, Star motorcycles show an unparalleled degree of innovation and attention to detail.

Where to Get Star Bikes

Star bikes are available at most motorcycle dealerships all over the UK. Visit any bike store and ask for Star bikes. Even those who do not stock Stars will direct you to where you can get them. A lot of car showrooms will also have bikes displayed there so that is another good place to enquire.

Getting Your Bike Online

The Internet has brought all the information you need to buy bikes and important motorcycle parts right to your doorstep. The sites below will give you a wealth of information about Star bikes in the UK – from where to find the best deals, available offers and even which insurers offer the most reasonable packages for bikes.

  • Motorcyclenews.com
  • Starmotorcycles.com
  • Motorcycle.co.uk

What They Cost

Prices for Star bikes start at £2,500 for the V Star and go up to £13,000 for the Royal Star Venture. It really depends on what you prefer as a rider and the bike weight you are comfortable riding. These are heavy-duty bikes for those looking for a weekend cruise into the sunset as depicted in many Hollywood productions. This is therefore your chance to be John Travolta or Tom Cruise and impress your lady. Show up on her front porch in one of these Star motorcycles and she will love you for life!

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