How to start a car in cold weather

Wintry weather is just plain awful especially if you have to leave the warmth of your home to go outside. Getting your car to cooperate when temperatures are freezing is also a challenge. We tell you how to start a car in cold weather. These tips and pointers are meant to help you get going on the road whether you are on your way to work, dropping the kids to school, or running errands.

Helpful tips to avoid stalling

We all know the colder it gets, the harder it becomes to start your car. It is more difficult for the engine of the vehicle to warm up. At low temperatures, oil thickens, increasing friction making it more difficult to start. Power output of the battery is also reduced. Hence, it is crucial that you do the following if you don't want a stalled engine:

  • Check your battery

Get the best battery you can get for your type of vehicle. When the weather turns cold, the battery’s ability to crank over is diminished. Therefore, look for a minimum 600 cold cranking amps to get you through the coldest situations.

  • Improve access to your car

One of the most common problems to start a car in cold weather is the freeze does not even allow you to get in the car. When this happens, use a silicone spray through the door’s lock cover.

  • Verify glow lamps

It is not always the battery that is going to give you trouble when temps are freezing. Glow lamps, for example, are there to help warm up the engine before starting the car. Verify if every glow lamp works or better still, take your vehicle for a tune up or servicing before the winter or cold season begins.

  • Use blankets to cover the engine or the car

If you do not have a garage a simple car wrap can help in starting the car easier the day after. You can also put a protective covering on the engine.

  • Use a battery charger

Battery chargers will keep your batteries fully charged to fire the engine easily. Hence, when you are out, try to get the battery charged fully to avoid stalling.


Although it is tempting to remote start a car in cold weather, bear in mind your vehicle and belongings inside can attract the attention of potential thieves. Also, it might be illegal in your area to leave a car unattended whilst you wait inside the comfort of your homes waiting for the interior of the vehicle to heat up. In addition, letting a car idle for long is going to affect fuel economy and is not good for the environment.

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