Starting up again

An historic car-making plant, long disused and forgotten, is about to set up shop again and start making cars.

Coventry's Browns Lane site was once a Jaguar factory, and now looks like becoming the UK base for Bowler and Spyker cars under the auspices of CPP Holdings.

CPP Holdings intends to move its current production facilities in Coventry to the historic site within five years and it could see all sorts of cars being constructed there as CPP seek to add to their roster by buying out other car-makers. This could include Spyker, and CPP are also confident of doing a deal with Saab.

'Bringing together the group's various businesses and facilities within a single, purpose-built location is possibly the most exciting part of the entire plan,' says CPP founder and co-owner Brendan O'Toole. 'And as our success and growth continues – facilitated by our move to Browns Lane – this will also benefit our wide supply base, the majority of which is in and around Coventry.'

Here's wishing them well in their attempt to rejuvenate and revitalise a once thriving site.

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