Staying safe

We don't know whether this is something dressed up as helpful advice but is in fact deeply patronising, but any road (geddit?) there's a new leaflet out advising women about how to be safe on the road.

It's all part of a campaign, fronted by Konnie Huq, to advise women on such motoring matters as basic car maintenance, what to do in case of a breakdown and what to keep in your car. Perhaps it's been assumed that men already know all these things – or maybe another leaflet for men is on its way.

'The vast majority of journeys we make will be free from incident or threat,' the scheme's mouthpiece Konnie Huq said.

'Occasionally, we may have cause for concern. The excellent advice in this booklet should help make car travel safer and less stressful for everyone.'

David Williams, boss of GEM Motoring Assist, said: 'Whilst we are strongly targeting women with this leaflet who can often be more vulnerable in certain instances, it is equally useful to men. We all need to think about our safety on the roads and realise there are precautions we can take in order not to put ourselves at any unnecessary risk.'

Well that's ok then. Bear in mind that the majority of crashes on the roads are caused by male drivers, and you'll soon smell the faint whiff of sexism in the room.

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