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Step Vans

The step van is a work horse of a vehicle designed for use with business interests only. In the US their use can go from armoured Police van to ice cream truck or delivery vehicle. In the UK their use is mainly just be the courier firms like FedEx and UPS.


The step van gets its name due to the fact that it is tall enough to stand up inside the cockpit part of the vehicle and has just a small step into this cockpit. You exit and enter the van standing up.

Buying Parts In The UK For A Step Van

Buying parts for a step van in the UK is a tricky exercise. If you are a larger company like FedEx or UPS then they will have a servicing plant taking care of their vehicles and will be able to buy replacement parts in bulk from the US. For a smaller business, maybe only with a few step vans in service, you may want to hunt for replacement parts online.

Step Van Parts Online

UK options...

You can try websites like ebay.co.uk or preloved.co.uk for private owners.

For more professional outfits, ship small orders (orders for a small fleet) from the US...

Stepvans.com has an excellent selection of parts for several different manufacturers including Ford, Freightliner and Workhorse.

Shop Around

As ever, do some digging. There are some fantastic deals to be had on parts for this exceptional vehicle which will justify its ownership rather than buying a transit or other such European style work van.

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