Stingy driver gets his car a free wash

A motorist who wanted to avoid paying £2 for parking his vehicle has paid a far higher price for leaving it on a slipway at Portsmouth harbour for the day.

The man’s pride and joy was subsequently swept away by the tide - presumably he didn’t realise that the water level would change.

The Alfa Romeo Spider, worth a cool £30,000 new, was dragged out to sea at lunchtime, after the owner went off on a jolly to London, ignoring signs on the slipway reading ‘no entry.’

Locals at the scene felt it served him right. A fisherman said:’ He's not supposed to be here. This area is only for the fishing boys to load their nets but he still parks here every day.’

Meanwhile, the owner’s son-in-law claimed he would be distraught on learning of the car’s fate. ‘He's had the car for a few years and it really is his pride and joy. He will be upset when he finds out what's happened to it,’ he said.

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