How to Stop Car Window Condensation

If you live in a wet climate like England or Ireland, condensation can become a real problem in the cooler months. Condensation occurs when warm air comes in contact with the cold glass of your car - but luckily, there are a few simple steps to stop car window condensation and make your journey safer.

Signs of Dampness

Look for signs or dampness, or anything damp in your car that could potentially give off warm air or moisture and cause condensation. Check for leaks, check under carpets for moisture and check your wheels aren't damp and full of water.

Leave Windows Open in Summer

Since we know that condensation occurs when hot air hits the cool glass of your car, you can stop car window condensation by opening your windows slightly in the summer to allow the hot air to air-out your vehicle and heat up the glass.

Use your Air Conditioning

Air conditioning works to remove damp from your car and can stop car window condensation. Although this might not be effective in the colder months, when you use your car radiator you'll notice that your windows steam up more than usual and should blast the air conditioning on for a few mintues to remove the condensation - this usually happens very quickly and prevents you from feeling too cold.

Wet Clothing

Remove wet clothing and wet materials from your vehicles - although not a major cause of condensation, it helps to keep your windows clear if you don't have wet clothes sat on your back seat with the radiator on.

Use a Garage

If you have a garage, store you car in it over night. The ambient temperatures will usually be higher than the cold outside and should help to prevent damp in your car, thus reducing condensation.

Dry Wet Seats

If your seats are wet, dry these before you begin to drive to stop car window condensation. You can dry them using your car radiator and can leave the windows slightly open for a few minutes before you drive to clear up any condensation build up, or alternatively use a seat cover if your car seats get wet often and place this in the boot before driving.

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