Stop changing!

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has said ‘enough already’ to the constantly changing rules in F1 this season.

He was talking in reference to the recent British Grand Prix, where new blown exhaust regulations were called the ‘biggest farce ever’ by Niki Lauda.

‘Unfortunately we have to deal with a carousel of changes to the regulations, which does not help us,’ he told Sky Italia this week while being questioned on the Maronello team’s 2011 car project.

‘Once, the rules were changed after every year, then it was every six months, now they change within a weekend,’ he added.

He later was quoted by La Stampa as saying: ‘This must definitely end. Rules should be made to last. Ferrari will definitely take up this issue with the rule makers.’

At the same time, he brushed aside rumours about Felipe Massa, confirming that the driver’s contract for 2012 would be honoured.

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