Stop selling drivers' details

Jack Straw has launched a stinging broadside at car insurance firms who sell their customers' details to no-win no-fee claim firms.

The former Labour Justice Secretary Straw said that the cost of personal injury claims has doubled in the last ten years to £14 billion.

But at the same time in 2009 the number of accidents in which someone was hurt is now a third less than it was between 1994 and 1998.

Straw became aware of the problem through a constituent, Phil Riley, who had been 'bombarded with texts and personal calls' after a minor fender bender accident in which he was not hurt.

To find out how the claims companies had obtained his personal details, Mr Riley saw two insurers who admitted selling on his details.

Speaking yesterday, Labour MP for Blackburn Straw said: 'This is not a system, it's a racket. The quicker it's ended, the better it will be for the law-abiding motorist.'

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