We look for the best place to find STR alloys online

These days more and more people are becoming interested in adding a touch of personal flair to their cars. Since money is particularly tight across the United Kingdom, fewer and fewer people can afford to keep their cars up to date with the latest models every year or two. In order to comphensate for this, car enthusiasts (and general punters, it must be said) are instead focussing their attention on modifications.

Nothing makes your car stand out like a dash of personalisation. While there are countless people out there who like to be quite extravagant when it comes to these personal touches, with many common additions or modifications including custom engine work, custom paint jobs, tinted windows, new body kids and top of the range sound systems, there are plenty of people out there who are happy enough to go with something a little more subtle.

If you are one of these people, often people who are worried about the effect more severe modifications will have on the cost of their insurance, or the amount of money they will be able to make back from the sale of their vehicle, then you should give serious consideration to picking up a set of alloys.

While they used to be quite expensive, you can now pick up STR alloys for very little - assuming, of course, you know where to look. Fortunately for you, we know exactly where to find the best prices. At www.performancealloys.com, you'll find one of the widest ranges of alloys for all shapes, makes and models of cars for some of the most impressive prices you're likely to see anywhere.

Starting at just £62.50 per wheel, Performance Alloys boast a collection of more than ten thousand different alloy wheels, and with next day delivery free throughout the United Kingdom, there's absolutely no reason for you to spend your money elsewhere!

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