Grab yourself an approved Mercedes Benz through Stratstone Mercedes

If you are on the hunt for a brand new or used Mercedes Benz then make sure to check out Stratstone dealers. Mercedes Benz models are one of their specialities and all used Mercedes Benz cars that leave a Stradstone lot are fully approved through the Mercedes Benz Approved Used Car programme.

Quality Vehicles from a Showroom near You

Stratstone have been selling Mercedes Benz motors for many a year and as such have built up a great amount of trust from UK Mercedes Benz customers. Stratford have a strong presence in the UK with locations in Ayr, Bradford, Giffnock, Glasgow, Hamilton, Huddersfield, Leeds, Skipton and Wakefield.

Each Stratstone dealer has a huge range of new Mercedes Benz options to choose for and have affordable rates of finance too. If you are leaning towards purchasing a used car, all used Stratstone Mercedes-Benz cars have been strictly examined and guaranteed to be of high quality so you will be buying a used car with the same confidence you would have with a new model.

Stratstone also have great after sales service with MOT tests available from just £30 for all Mercedes cars purchased. Also, as your Mercedes gets older Stratstone offers a 20% discount on a service labour for Mercedes cars over 3 years old and a 50% discount on cars over 5 years old.

Visit www.stratstone.mercedes-benz.co.uk as a starting point to locating the Statstone dealers closet to where you live. The dealership of your choice then is only a click away and you can browse the cars at each particular dealership with ease and comfort.

Stay in Touch with the Latest on Social Media

If you are seriously considering Stratstone for a Mercedes Benz then follow their account on Twitter at @stratstoneuk. Here you willbe able to stay abreast of all the latest news on Statstone cars and news. Stratstone also have a dedicated Facebook page which you can find at www.facebook.com/StratstoneMercedesBenz for even more news and discussion.

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