Stuck? Why not get a 4x4

With the weather worsening year by year across the UK more and more people have taken to 4x4 as their vehicle of choice. This makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Over the past couple of years the Brits have seen floods, storms, massive snowfall and ice to name just a few weather events. Cars have been slipping and sliding, getting stuck in mud and getting stuck in huge puddles. With a vehicle like a 4x4 you can get out of just about any situation.

Car manufactures have realised the surge in 4x4s being purchased and have managed to make them a lot more affordable to a regular driver. There are lots of different competitors on the market at the moment but the number one vehicle has to be the new Land Rover Discovery.

This 7 seater 4x4 starts at just £27,000 and it packs a mighty punch. While it is a heavy machine it really performs when you take this vehicle off road. You will never be stuck again. Regardless of weather or whatever situation you find yourself in this 4x4 will find a way out.

With the weather getting noticeably more and more harsh as the years go by, maybe it's time we all thought about a 4x4...

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