Stunning model does stunning stunts

Beautiful Chesca Miles, 22, has become Britain’s first female stunt motorcyclist.

She says that sexism and prejudice was part of the course as she rose through the ranks to nab her dream job.

She said: ‘It's been tough and I have not had much support. The girls are jealous and the boys resent the fact that I am woman who can ride a bike as well as or better than them.’

Chesca started riding aged just 14 and so already knew how to handle a bike by the time she was old enough to have a licence.

Now she performs daredevil stunts at shows across the UK – and when she’s not risking her life on two wheels, she works as a model.

‘Stunt work is not just about high-speed chases - it's also about control, balance and mastery of the machine,’ she explained.

‘I give up three days a week to practise - and this year I hope to do some film stunt work as well as put on events all over the UK and in Europe where they love to see trick riding.’

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