Subaru premieres Viziv hybrid concept at 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Subaru has yet to add a real hybrid to its production line and that’s why the Viziv concept that the Japanese manufacturer brought to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show showcases what could be the brand’s idea for the next generation of crossovers.

Dubbed with the hard to pronounce moniker of Viziv, which is derived from Vision for Innovation, the concept sports a plug-in hybrid design (PHEV) and uses a 2.0-liter turbodiesel boxer four engine which is linked to three electric motors, one powers the front axle and the other two provide torque vectoring to the rear wheels which sends power to the outside wheel during cornering and improves handling, and the powertrain selects the best time to use each power unit depending on driving conditions and helping achieve high fuel economy.

The concept car measures 4,32 meters in length, 1,90 meters in width and is 1,51 meters high and a wheelbase of 2,64 meters, and was displayed in an eye-pleasing two-door exterior body with a Mistral Silver Metallic paint job.

The car's outward features are simple and clean, but strong looking, with with an outwardly projecting grille and it can sit four adult passengers comfortably and with the 100% motor-driven rear wheels that eliminates the need for a propeller shaft, it also gives more and ample legroom to rear seat occupants.

The cockpit features an instrument panel layout designed primarily for ease of driver operation and vehicle control. The instrument panel displays the operation status of Subaru's own driving assist EyeSight system and the custom information displays in front of the front passenger seat and in the rear seating area lets passengers share the thrill of being in the driver's seat.

The concept at the show also featured Lamborghini style scissor doors, but if the car does hit the production line anytime in the near future, don’t expect to see them on the marketed model.


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