Supercharged Jag zooms into town

Blink and you’ll miss it is the message from Jaguar, as the car giant unveils its quickest production car ever just in time for the Geneva show.

The snazzy new XKR-S has a supercharged V8 engine meaning the coupe's 0-60mph time is an impressive 4.2 seconds – 0.4 seconds faster than the standard XKR.

The top speed is even nippier too - 186mph. That’ll get you to the shops and back in almost no time at all!

‘The XKR-S is a bold and exciting new model for Jaguar,’ says Jaguar’s Adrian Hallmark.

‘We expect to attract both loyal and new Jaguar driving enthusiasts who still want the comfort, opulence and class only a Jaguar can offer, combined with inspirational performance.’

Though the price of this baby we don’t yet know, you can expect it to be close to the Aston Martin DBS level.

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