Supermarkets pump up for price war

Supermarket chain Morrisons is to give a 6 penny discount per litre of petrol or diesel for anyone spending more than £40 in its stores from this Monday.

It follows similar deals by rival supermarkets the Co-op and Sainsbury's.

'We know that over the Easter holidays and the royal wedding, motorists will want to travel further to visit friends and relatives, but will be put off by the cost of petrol,' said Morrisons' marketing man Richard Lancaster in the Telegraph. 'Our offer ensures that our customers can enjoy this time and worry less about the cost.'

But Brendan McLoughlin, head of fuel price comparison website Petrolprices.com, warns consumers not to go full-throttle to the supermarket pumps assuming they're the cheapest.

'On average, supermarkets have the cheapest petrol, but this is not the case in every location,' he said. 'It is important to do a comparison and then work out whether your fuel will still be cheaper with the discount.'

Well he would say that!

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