3 Best SUV cars in the market

A sport utility vehicle, better known as an SUV, is a road motor vehicle that resembles a station wagon on a light-truck chassis. It is built for either on or off road use and usually has four-wheel drive (4X4) capability. Some of the best SUVs in the market have the carrying capacity of large sedans or mini-vans coupled with the towing capacity of pick-up trucks. SUV cars offer great value for money because of their practicality, versatility and sheer luxury.

Top 3 SUVs

The best SUVs offer a good mix of handling, space, off-road ability and style. We take a look at three of the top 2012 SUV models on sale in the UK to help you make an informed buying decision.

1. Kia Sportage SUV

The Kia Sportage SUV is a stylish and uniquely designed car that comes in either two or four-wheel drive. It features an impressive engine option of 1.7 CRDi that returns up to 54mpg and produces emissions of 135g/km. It is also equipped with a well-packed cabin that is very practical. The Kia Sportage performs great on the open road, giving you a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride. It sells at between £17,300 and £26,930, which is actually great value for your money.

2. Land Rover Discovery 4 SUV

The Land Rover Discovery 4 is the fourth version of this range of power utility vehicles that have been in production since 1998. This latest go-anywhere 4x4 Discovery looks very similar to the third edition, but it plays in a league of its own when it comes to beautiful, high quality cabin. It features a 252bhp 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine that gives it a powerful yet smooth and very quiet ride. The seven-seat Land Rover Discovery 4 sells at between £38,825 and £56,995 and is one of the best SUV cars because of its power, luxury and versatility.


Closing our 2012 list of best 3 SUV cars is the BMW X5. The BMW X5 is a seven seat family car that is built for luxury and practicality and made for on-road use, although it has some off-road reliability as well. Its build is also of notable superior quality. The car features a pair of optional seats in the boot that are quite useful when in place and provide a lot of luggage space when folded down. Selling at between £45,070 and £83,290, the BMW X5 is not particularly cheap, but great re-sale prices are quire reassuring for most buyers.

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