The new Suzuki Cervo small car

The new Suzuki Cervo small car is an entry level segment car that aims to give stiff completion to the 2012 edition of Tata Nano. The car that is yet to launch in major world markets is already on sale in Japan and India. It offers stylish interiors and exterior and great fuel efficiency. These, however, are not the only things that are likely to make the car appealing to most vehicle enthusiasts.

Exterior and interior

The Suzuki Cervo offers impressive exterior that comprises of sleek flow lines, sexy curves and sporty look. You’ll likely love the unique and refined exterior finish from the compact front face of the car to the fascinating “eye” shaped headlight cluster and the smiling grille with chrome strip finish at first glance.

The interior is spacious and eye-catching with features, such as an adjustable, three spoked steering wheel that makes for superb handling, wide dashboard with an instrument panel just behind the steering wheel and AC vents at both ends. A large storage box standard to small cars and comfortable driver and passenger seats with small headrests also feature in the car. The headroom and legroom, however, are a bit small to fit three people comfortably at rear seats.

Engine and performance

The Suzuki Cervo is fitted with a new generation 0.7L petrol, 660cc engine with Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology that produces 60bhp power and 64 Nm peak torque. The VVT technology allows for greater power, fuel economy and less CO2 emissions. The compact car also comes fitted with a four-speed automatic transmission that makes it easy to wriggle through traffic. The car's size also makes it easy to park in tight spots.

Handling and safety

The Suzuki Cervo features conventional front disc and rear drum brake system and power steering that allows for great handling with less effort. The car also comes fitted with an AC and central locking system as well as standard active and passive safety featured for enhanced security.

Other safety features include seat-belts, child safety lock and anti-theft system. Two airbags, engine immobilizer and suspension not only make for smooth driving and increased riding pleasure, but also increased safety. The Cervo gives an overall nice driving experience.

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