A metareview of the 2012 Suzuki Impreza

Manufactured since 1992, and currently in its 4th generation starting in 2011, the Suzuki Impreza was originally marketed as the replacement for the Leone range -- but has developed into one of the company's best selling and most reliable models. But what do some Impreza owners have to say about their cars?

Metareview of the Suzuki Impreza

The designs of the newer Suzuki Impreza models have been much more warmly received than the blander old models. The new versions have a sharper, edgier style which manages to look attractive without being earth shattering.

Newer models are also equipped with an automatic stop-start system designed to save fuel. This means that whenever the car stops for more than half a second, the engine automatically shuts down, and automatically restarts again whenever the brake pedal is released. This feature is popular among owners -- not simply because of its fuel saving benefits, but further because of the impressive fluency with which the engine shifts from start to stop.

The 4th generation Suzuki Impreza is powered by a 2.0 litre four cylinder box engine, choosing between either a six speed manual transmission (contrasting with the 3rd generation's five speed) or a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). The manufacturers are confident that their all wheel drive design outdrives front wheel drive alternatives.

Some users have complained that the CVT model - which is much more popular due to fuel saving capabilities - can be extremely noisy at higher speeds.

The six speed manual transmission is a more effective accelerator and a much more comfortable driving experience, although lacking the potential to save money on fuel.


Buyers generally regard the Suzuki Impreza as a comfortable and dependable car. The driving experience can vary depending on whether you opt for the six speed or CVT - either way, it's not a car for high speeds. The interior is pleasant and relaxing; the exterior is sleek without being eye catching.

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