Where to Get Affordable Suzuki Motorcycles Spares

In the rare event that your Suzuki breaks down, you need to know where you can get genuine Suzuki motorcycles spares. The task is not as easy as it appears to be. There are many retailers selling fake Suzuki parts, so you need to know the names of a few credible suppliers.

Online parts shops

You can start at Suzuki’s official website (suzuki-gb.co.uk). Follow the link to the accessories page and fish out your desired part. This site also helps you search for recognised Suzuki parts dealers offering important motorcycle parts all over the British Isles. Simply specify your postcode and a list of dealers in your locality will be displayed. You can even see how much they sell their Suzuki parts for. You can also check out the links below to make a comparative analysis of the prices.

  • Motorcycle.co.uk
  • Motorcyclenews.com
  • Wemoto.com

What the Spares Cost

On the official Suzuki site, you will find a windscreen for £341, a drive shaft cover for £72 and a chrome cylinder cap for £27 for the Intruder series of bikes. If brand new parts are out of reach for you, fear not, you can always Visit The Sites Listed Above Or Use Any Search Engine To Look For Second Hand Parts.

Second Hand Parts

There are dealers who stock second hand or salvaged bike parts and you can try your luck with them. Some of them are even listed on the Internet and can be easily located on Google. Others may prefer going the eBay way. Either way, quality will never be guaranteed. They can never be like factory-fresh Suzuki motorcycles spares.

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