We take a look at the history of the Suzuki Swift

We've got (almost) everything you've ever wanted to know about the Suzuki Swift but were afraid to ask. From its very beginnings right the way through to the current day, this crash course will bring you bang up to speed with one of the most recognisable motors of the past decade.

The beginnings

As tends to be the case with many new cars, the Suzuki Swift was more a re-imaging than a brand new motor. The basic design of the original was based on the Suzuki Cultus. The Cultus was quite a successful range for the company, but in 2000 it was decided that a change would perhaps be for the best, and the Suzuki Swift was born.

The first generation of the Suzuki Swift came in two varieties outside Japan, three door and five door, with only the five door model available in the Far East country.

The Swift also marked the arrival of a brand new engine from Suzuki, which was known as the M range, which came in 1.5 and 1.3 litre models, further increasing the variety on offer from the car. On top of this, the car was available in both manual and automatic.

The first generation Swift proved to be a success for the company, and it was followed in 2004 by the car's first overhaul, the second generation of the Suzuki Swift, which made its very first appearance at the Paris Motor Show.

The new model was very well received as being quite a change from the previous one, thanks to a radical overhaul of the car's aesthetic; essentially discarding the features of the Cultus that had been implemented into the original.

Third generation and beyond

Finally, in 2010 the third generation of the Suzuki Swift debuted. While the reworking wasn't quite as extreme as that between the first and second generations, there have been some important changes made to the overall design, most notably the integration of a modified version of the Suzuki Wagon R+'s K12 engine.

With Suzuki showing off yet another revision of the Swift at the Australian Motor Show in 2011 it looks highly likely that the car will continue its life long into the future.

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