Suzuki unveils GW250S at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show

Suzuki unveiled the GW250S, known in Europe as the Inazuma, at the 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in Shanghai, China this past week.

A first version of the GW250S was first seen last October at the 2012 China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition (CIMA Motor) alongside a police-spec version dubbed the GW250J (which is already part of the Jingzhou’s motorcycle police fleet) and this is the fraternal twin of the entry level naked GW250, which recently debuted on the European market.

The differences between the S model and the base model, is that GW250S features a half fairing to make it look more sporting and aerodynamic, as it also envelopes the front headlight, it also has a higher handlebar which makes riding more comfortable, and a windscreen for more protection that makes it more suited for touring.

These models are being produced in China by Changzhou Haojue Suzuki Motorcycle Co for the Asian market, including Japan and the GW250S is expected to be on the European market in 2014, however at the moment it is unknown whether it will also make its appearance in the UK.

The bike features a newly designed 248cc, liquid cooled two cylinder fuel injected powerplant which makes it attentive to fuel consumption and it’s mated to a six-speed transmission and produces the perfect low-and mid-range punch for powering through urban areas and open roads, with its 26 bhp and 24.2 Nm of torque.

It also features twin exhausts, telescopic forks, seven-way adjustable spring preload rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes front and rear and a 3-mode RPM indicator that also includes an economy mode to achieve optimal fuel consumption, that is expected to be around 30-35 km/l.

The GW250S will be another addition to the growing small displacement market, like the Kawasaki's Ninja 250 and 300, Honda's CBR250 and the KTM Duke 200.

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