Swap your car for life long tram ticket

The city of Murcia in the south of Spain has launched a bold environmental inititaive in a bid to cut the amount of cars in the city centre and resolve parking problems.

It has invited residents to donate their cars in exchange for a ticket on the newly inaugurated tram system that would last them their entire lives.

However, they're not accepting just any old car. 'The point is to take cars out of circulation for the environmental benefits this brings,' said Severiano Arias, director of the Murcia Transvia Society. 'So we are only accepting working cars not ones ready for scrap heap because that would not serve any purpose.'

Donated cars are then being displayed across the city, often in places that highlight traffic problems. In one place the displayed cars were stacked on top of each other. Meanwhile, members of the public are being invited to take part in the removal of cars from the city's streets through Facebook and Twitter. Every tweet or post on the subject was rewarded by mechanics removing a piece of the car, until the whole thing was dismantled.

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