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  • Web of intrigue

    Web of intrigue

    Mazda recalls over spiders’ nesting

  • Sarah Palin book signing

    Sarah Palin book signing

    The proud Americans at this book signing love Sarah Palin but are not sure why. Something to do with being a real American. Whatever, they know that they'd like her to be President and will support her regardless of policy. There are quite a few of them. Uh oh

  • The Origins of Stupidity

    The Origins of Stupidity

    America's Christian Right have long hijacked the internet to broadcast their ideas, no matter how ropey. Well a recent campaign by the Church to distribute free copies of Darwin's The Origin of Species, with a 'special' 50 page foreword by a leading Evangelical, has caused one savvy web user to strike back. The mystery girl is smart, straight to the point, and, eeeek, foreign

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