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  • Obama's Beast

    Obama's Beast

    Barrack Obama's presidential car The Beast gets stuck

  • 'This is a Big F*#cking Deal'

    'This is a Big F*#cking Deal'

    Vice President of America slips out the f-word to Obama at Health Car Signing

  • Sarah Palin book signing

    Sarah Palin book signing

    The proud Americans at this book signing love Sarah Palin but are not sure why. Something to do with being a real American. Whatever, they know that they'd like her to be President and will support her regardless of policy. There are quite a few of them. Uh oh

  • Sarah Palin chats to Oprah

    Sarah Palin chats to Oprah

    The former Republican vice presidential candidate has got a book to plug - that calls for a visit to Oprah

  • Why Obama deserved the NPP

    Why Obama deserved the NPP

    A breath of good sense amidst a whirlwind of Obama-noble-prize criticism. Mind Over Chatter frontwoman Rachel Maddow tells America why they should be proud of their President for his enormous contribution to world peace, not, trying to take him down. Good job.

  • The Origins of Stupidity

    The Origins of Stupidity

    America's Christian Right have long hijacked the internet to broadcast their ideas, no matter how ropey. Well a recent campaign by the Church to distribute free copies of Darwin's The Origin of Species, with a 'special' 50 page foreword by a leading Evangelical, has caused one savvy web user to strike back. The mystery girl is smart, straight to the point, and, eeeek, foreign

  • All the President's gaffes

    All the President's gaffes

    Keeping up with an autocue is really hard

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