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  • Four Chord Song

    Four Chord Song

    Updated version of the classic Axis Of Awesome 'Four Chord Song' skit

  • Pachelbel Rant

    Pachelbel Rant

    Axis Of Awesome's 4 Chord Song vid which proves that every pop song ever written uses the same chords is causing a buzz in the blogosphere

  • 4 Chord Song

    4 Chord Song

    Australian comedy trio Axis Of Awesome prove every song ever written uses the same 4 chords

  • Guitar hero + Rubik's Cube

    Guitar hero + Rubik's Cube

    Just think how many hours of sitting in a darkened room it took this kid to be able to play Guitar Hero at top speed and solve a Rubiks Cube. Who said men can't multi task.....

  • Best Michael Jackson tribute on the net

    Best Michael Jackson tribute on the net

    An internet hero is born every minute and the latest is a drunken Ozzie guy at a wedding who had the foresight to record an MJ tribute a whole year before the King Of Pop kicked it. Pure gold

  • World's Fastest Everything

    World's Fastest Everything

    Have you ever thought you are really quick at taking your clothes off? Or clapping? Or stacking plastic cups? No? Well that's a shame - because you could have ended up on a video viral like this

  • Here kitty kitty.....

    Here kitty kitty.....

    Cat yodelling is the art of being nice to a cat until it makes a noise. Here's a quick how to

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