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  • Get yourself a free car valuation

    Get yourself a free car valuation

    If you're think of selling your vehicle, you can easily get a free car valuation, before taking further steps. We look at the options available

  • What is the INTERNET?

    What is the INTERNET?

    Can you imagine a time before the internet? These people could

  • Charlie Got Fingered

    Charlie Got Fingered

    200 million peeps have seen this clip, so someone must like it

  • Google can do EVERYTHING

    Google can do EVERYTHING

    This advert by Google about how the search engine can effectively do everything - from hooking you up to getting you married to having a baby (yes, really) is sick inducing. Google: we know you secretly rule the world, but do you have to ram it down people's throats?

  • Google wave

    Internet 'how dos' are always done as if they're speaking to 5 year olds. And the reason for that? Because what they are saying is reeeeally complicated and we don't really need to know the ins and outs - just whether we'll like it as an application or not. And that said, yes, Google's answer to e mail - Google Wave, we will probably like.

  • Social media revolution

    Social media revolution

    Goodness. If you were in any doubt as to the power of social media then you won't be after you've seen this factoid-packed clip. In a nutshell, social networking has brought about a seismic shift in just about anything and everything. And no, it's not just a fad

  • Best Michael Jackson tribute on the net

    Best Michael Jackson tribute on the net

    An internet hero is born every minute and the latest is a drunken Ozzie guy at a wedding who had the foresight to record an MJ tribute a whole year before the King Of Pop kicked it. Pure gold

  • Jacko's jhericurl goes up in smoke

    Jacko's jhericurl goes up in smoke

    Michael Jackson's hair caught on fire during the filming of a 1998 Pepsi commercial causing the singer second and thrid degree burns. He later set up a burns unit for children using the money gained from the courtcase against Pepsi. Some pundits think that the painful injury sparked his addiction to painkillers for which he never recovered

  • Lily Allen 22, official video

    Lily Allen 22, official video

    Another bit of cutesy pop fluff with a totally serious underlying message from Mz Allen. Thirty something singleton ladies out on the razz a lot? Watch and weep

  • Bruno, Howard Stern part 3

    Bruno, Howard Stern part 3

    What will Bruno do with all the money he makes from the film? Well, he once paid for some homeless beggars to have their teeth whitened - so the answer is, give it to chareedy. But which charity is close to his heart?

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