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  • Best Michael Jackson tribute on the net

    Best Michael Jackson tribute on the net

    An internet hero is born every minute and the latest is a drunken Ozzie guy at a wedding who had the foresight to record an MJ tribute a whole year before the King Of Pop kicked it. Pure gold

  • Mariah Carey, I'll Be there MJ memorial

    Mariah Carey, I'll Be there MJ memorial

    Off to shaky start but when Mariah finally gets going and lets rip with this song, she proves she can still blast it out with the best of them.

  • The Origins of Moonwalk

    The Origins of Moonwalk

    There's no doubt that he was the best person in the world at performing it, but Michael Jackson's Moonwalk didn't just happen by accident one day when he was practicing his moves on a slidey floor.....

  • Jacko's one Smooth Criminal

    Jacko's one Smooth Criminal

    The Eighties was the decade of The Music Video, and Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal was the king of them all. They just don't make them like this anymore do they?

  • I'll Be There, acapella

    I'll Be There, acapella

    The kids on Britain's Got Talent look like tone deaf thunderbirds compared to Michael Jackson when he was a lad. Is it possible for anyone to be so talented? Answers on a postcard.

  • 30th Anniversary Billie Jean

    30th Anniversary Billie Jean

    How many times in the Eighties did you practise the moonwalk and how many times did you pull it off (apart from when very drunk?) Answer: Not as many times as MJ managed without even trying. His 30th anniversary performance of Billie Jean shows that talent never dies, it just gets better

  • Michael Jackson: Billie Jean live

    Michael Jackson: Billie Jean live

    So he's going to be remembered as one of the greatest dancers of all time and this iconic performance is only going to hammer the point home a little bit harder. Remember MJ at his finest

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