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  • Opera Mini for iPhone

    Opera Mini for iPhone

    Demo of the brand new iPhone app that browses the internet 5 times quicker

  • Microsoft staff do a dance: snore

    Microsoft staff do a dance: snore

    Sorry, we've had just about as much as we can stomach of trendy firms breaking out into song and dance to advertise their products. It was funny the first time round (thanks T-Mobile): Microsoft, this is lame

  • The T-Pain iphone app

    The T-Pain iphone app

    Do you want to sing like an r'n'b star with a really synthezized voice? Well now you can, courtesy of the T-Pain iphone app. So much drunken karaoke potential with this one.

  • Blackberry Storm 9550

    Blackberry Storm 9550

    A quick run through of some of the changes to the next generation Blackberry Storm 9550, including a screen which clicks, integrated buttons on the control panel, better use of battery space and a few gigs of extra storage. Oh and Wifi. In a nutshell, not a lot. But it will prob sell like hotcakes

  • T-Mobile gets rush hour hopping

    T-Mobile gets rush hour hopping

    Flash dance at Liverpool Street

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