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  • Neighbourhood Twitter

    Neighbourhood Twitter

    Cops in Surrey catching car criminals with Twitter

  • The Social Media Revolution

    The Social Media Revolution

    Powerful video on Social Media proves that it's not just a fad

  • Lost Generation

    Lost Generation

    If you've ever tried writing a piece of text that reads negatively forward and positively in reverse, then you'll be impressed by this. It's one social comment that must have taken a long time to write...

  • Did you know? Really?

    Did you know? Really?

    Oh we do love a good 'Did you know' viral. They make us feel all small but somehow like we're participating in the biggest social revolution since, oooh....Neighbours came to lunchtime. Watch, learn

  • Mums on Facebook: not good

    Mums on Facebook: not good

    Ever wondered what would happen if your mum learned all the tricks of the social networking trade - tagging, following etc - and then started keeping tabs on you with a fake profile? Well, it would be very funny

  • Social media revolution

    Social media revolution

    Goodness. If you were in any doubt as to the power of social media then you won't be after you've seen this factoid-packed clip. In a nutshell, social networking has brought about a seismic shift in just about anything and everything. And no, it's not just a fad

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