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  • Charlie Brooker: how to write a news report

    Charlie Brooker: how to write a news report

    Oooh, we do like the ire of Charlie Brooker's iPad, or whatever it is the media-commentator writes on. Here he is explaining just how every formulaic news report you see on tv is put together. The news will never be the same again.

  • Pants on the Ground

    Pants on the Ground

    Hats off to this 62 year old for having the energy and the creativity to come up with a performance like 'Pants on the Ground.' While SyCo doesn't quite get into the spirit of things at first he soon warms up when he realises that he's on American TV and is therefore required to display enthusiasm. Which means Pants on The Ground man gets through to the next round....

  • Lost Generation

    Lost Generation

    If you've ever tried writing a piece of text that reads negatively forward and positively in reverse, then you'll be impressed by this. It's one social comment that must have taken a long time to write...

  • PS22 choir sing Run This Town

    PS22 choir sing Run This Town

    The PS22 Chorus (singing American schoolkids) are back with another huge tune: Jay-Z and Rihanna's Run This Town. The kids are as brilliant and as enthusiastic as ever. We love

  • Google wave

    Internet 'how dos' are always done as if they're speaking to 5 year olds. And the reason for that? Because what they are saying is reeeeally complicated and we don't really need to know the ins and outs - just whether we'll like it as an application or not. And that said, yes, Google's answer to e mail - Google Wave, we will probably like.

  • The Origins of Stupidity

    The Origins of Stupidity

    America's Christian Right have long hijacked the internet to broadcast their ideas, no matter how ropey. Well a recent campaign by the Church to distribute free copies of Darwin's The Origin of Species, with a 'special' 50 page foreword by a leading Evangelical, has caused one savvy web user to strike back. The mystery girl is smart, straight to the point, and, eeeek, foreign

  • Did you know? 4.0

    Did you know? 4.0

    These little 'did you know' clips are full of shocking things about the information revolution (i.e one Google search uses enough electricity to power a 60 watt lightbulb for half a second, Obama can detonate a nuclear bomb on his cell etc etc) which are in fact 75% made up. The fact that we believe them because they're on a video viral is the point.

  • Social media revolution

    Social media revolution

    Goodness. If you were in any doubt as to the power of social media then you won't be after you've seen this factoid-packed clip. In a nutshell, social networking has brought about a seismic shift in just about anything and everything. And no, it's not just a fad

  • World's Fastest Everything

    World's Fastest Everything

    Have you ever thought you are really quick at taking your clothes off? Or clapping? Or stacking plastic cups? No? Well that's a shame - because you could have ended up on a video viral like this

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