Take a Leaf out of Nissan's book

Nissan is confident that the Leaf will not be over reliant on UK government's incentive scheme upon launch in the UK.

A 5,000 pound grant is available to Britons who go electric – but nobody knows how lng it will last.

Nissan GB managing director Paul Willcox told just-auto: ‘We recognise incentives can't go on for ever. What will give Nissan a strong, competitive advantage is that we are localising production to the UK.

‘When we localise in Sunderland, we will have economies of scale.’

Recharging is a potential issue, but Willcox is sure the UK infrastructure can cope, highlighting the North East, Milton Keynes and London as key areas for energy replenishment.

Wilcox continued to declare that the Leaf’s head start in the EV market will see it attaining a dominant position in the market, alongside its partner, Renault.

‘We will be the leader in electric vehicles - the market has shifted and we are ahead,’ he said. ‘The alliance with Renault means we will have a range of electric vehicles in the market.’

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