Imagine hailing a London cab and this thing pulled up. Would you walk away in disgust at the modern design, or clamber in to enjoy a smooth ride in its state of the art interior?

It’s a dilemma city dwellers may soon have to face as Volkswagen have revealed plans for a new London black cab, based on the forthcoming Up city car.

The VW Taxi Concept is just 3.73m in length, 1.66m wide and 1.6m high, and weighs in at 1500kg. The firm claims it can fit just two punters, with ‘legroom comparable to luxury saloons,’ and several suitcases. You can fit four in most London cabs - and five at a pinch.

But this baby’s runs a 112bhp electric motor fuelled by a 45kWh lithium-ion battery. It can reach a top speed of 74mph and travel for up to 186 miles between charges. Certainly ecological then, though you’re unlikely to reach top speed driving in the city.

VW is said to be considering putting a bespoke taxi into production, and they are not the only ones attracted to the taxi market. Proposals are being prepared by a string of manufacturers, who can hear the death knoll being sounded for the traditional hackney cab as tightening EU emissions regulations make its position look increasingly untenable.

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