Teenager caught drink-driving a lawn mower

Teenager Joel Maunder, of Glamorgan, South Wales, has been handed a 17-month driving ban after he was caught driving on the wrong side of the road, drunk and on the back of a lawn mower.

After a few drinks, it must have made perfect sense to the 18-year-old to borrow his Dad's £1,700 lawn-mower and head on into town to see his mates.

But the police saw it in a different way, stopping the youngster after he'd made it just one mile in on his 15 mph adventure.

Caught on the wrong side of the road and well over the legal limit, the sixth-former was promptly charge with being in charge of a mechanically propelled vehicle while being unfit to drive.

And by the time the case was heard by magistrates, the charge had become full-bodied drink-driving, and he was handed down the driving ban.

Perhaps in time, he'll think back on the affair and manage a small chuckle. But for now, he most certainly will be in the dog house.

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