Terrano alloys, built to last.

The Nissan Terrano was manufactured between 1993 and 1997.  Mainly this vehicle was introduced for the family car market and gained popularity with small to medium sized families who required much needed space for children and their accompanying luggage.  Great for weekend getaways its 4x4 capabilities enabled it to take the open road plus its cargo with ease.

This model is not in the same class as its better rivals such as the famous Land Rover so the Terrano does tend to fall short in its ability to traverse rougher landscapes and is more suitable to town and city driving and its size does allow it to park with the same ease as most other family cars.

The Terrano can be fitted with a range of alloys for its wheels.  The standard factory style is catchy and stylish to start with but the customer is free to choose from whatever range will fit this vehicle’s wheels.  One website that serves both Britain and Ireland is found at www.performancealloys.com.  Performance Alloys, the Company, offer an incredible range of Terrano alloys and alloys for just about any model you can think of.

The Terrano for some people may not have the most classiest of body lines, being designed mainly for the town and suburban market but Terrano alloys can always be chosen to bring style and performance to any Terrano model.  Terrano alloys can be easily fitted at any reputable garage, but do try firstly to locate a Nissan garage who will give you the best and most reliable advice, information and service.

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