What to expect on your driving test day

Your practical driving test can be one of the most nerve wracking experiences of your life. However if you have adequately prepared for the test there's no reason to panic. Knowing what to expect on test day can go a long way towards remedying any of those last minute jitters.

Before the test

On test day, your driving instructor will normally collect you around one-and-a-half hours before your appointment. In most cases you will have an hour long lesson during which time you'll be given last minute tips and a chance to practices those manoeuvres one more time.

At the test centre

The examiner will enter the waiting room and call your name. You will be required to present your theory test certificate and both parts of your license. You will also sign the insurance declaration form. The examiner will ask if you would like to have your instructor accompany you. You will then be asked to lead the way to your vehicle.

Eye test

Once you have identified your vehicle, the examiner will ask you to read a different car's license plate from a distance of at least 20 metres. You will have three chances to answer correctly (wearing glasses or contacts if needed). If you get the reading wrong you will not be allowed to take the test.

Show me tell me questions

You will be asked two questions about vehicle checks you would carry out before driving. These include things like checking the brakes, tyres and horn.

Final instructions

The examiner will walk around your vehicle to inspect it and make notes. Once happy, he will get back in and tell you that he would like you to drive straight ahead unless instructed otherwise. He will tell you to drive off when you are ready.

The test

From here, test day will probably be a lot like one of your normal lessons. You'll drive according to the examiner's instructions and complete one manoeuvre and one independent driving section. You may also have to complete an emergency stop. During the test the examiner will ask you to pull over a number of times.

After the test

Once you have returned to the test centre and turned off the engine, the examiner will tell you whether you have passed or failed and talk you through any driving faults you may have incurred.

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