‘The Beast’ billed £10 Congestion Charge

The London congestion charge admits no exceptions – not even if they are presidents. And to underline this, President Obama's ‘Beast’ limo, as well as his entire motor calvade were charged for entering central London.

The US and the UK don’t exactly see eye to eye on the issue, with the US embassy in London apparently owing a huge 5.2 million pounds to the city of London.

The reason this bill remains unpaid is that the US contends that it is a tax, meaning that, according to the 1960 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, it needn’t be paid. However, the UK insists it is not a tax, but rather a charge.

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson met with Obama and tried to reason with him over the unpaid bill. ‘I would say that discussions were ongoing," the Mayor told the BBC diplomatically.

However, the US is not the only country to have racked up a huge bill through not having paid London’s Congestion Charge. Altogether London is owed 52 million pounds by errant embassies. Other than the US, Russia and Japan are the other big culprits.

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