The Car-puccino

Every man and his dog knows that if you can solve the problem of being able to power the common car without the use of fossil fuels whilst saving the environment and all at a low price – you’d be a very, very rich dog owner.

Hybrid cars – 50/50 mix of petrol and electric – are on our roads and the closest solution to date but they only solve half the problem (the petrol using half) sadly. But thanks to some Billy Whizz, the future of motoring may be just around the corner by using coffee as its fuel. Christened the Car-puccino (see what they did there?!) it was built by the team behind the BBC’s science show Bang Goes The Theory from a Volkswagen Scirocco at the cost of £400.

So if you think our license fee is being wasted, fret not because it will only cost 50 times more to run than petrol. Still cheaper than a Grande Latte at a well known high street coffee house!

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