The Fiat 500 by DIESEL

Already a headturner, the Fiat 500 is now available in fashionable trim as a limited edition (10,000 cars in two years) car co-designed by DIESEL, flaunting itself as an iconic Made in Italy product.

The joint design was a collaboration between 500 designer Robert Gioloto and DIESEL fashionista Lars Schwartz. The pair’s objective: create an Urban Survival Vehicle, a versatile, hip car with the personality of a young and original score. Also, build an exclusive product that appeals to all potential buyers, without alienating anyone.

Working off the Sport version, the “500 by DIESEL” has options for green, black and brown body colour. Wheels are 16 inch rims with the DIESEL logo, and the brake callipers are painted yellow. The side moldings of the 500 have the DIESEL logo, and customized cap of rear-view mirrors. There is a custom trim to the interior as well, with denim fabric, upholstered seats with yellow seams and embroidered with the DIESEL brand. The logo stands out on all interior instruments which are marked by a yellow background.

The “500 by DIESELFiat will come in three engine options (1.2 69hp, Multijet 75 hp with DPF, and 1.4 16v 100 hp). Prices range from 15 to 17000 Euros.

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