The future has arrived!

The jet pack has to be one of the most desirable items ever. Apart from acquiring the attribute to fly like Superman (if a little slower) it would also mean you’d never be stuck in traffic jam not to mention how frickin’ cool they are!

Sadly the reality of us each owning a jet-pack has been the thing of an Ian Fleming novel - that is until now. The Martin Jetpack is based on the Harrier Jumpjet and it’s vertical take off mechanics. It's V4 petrol engine allows it's user to travel at a top speed of 63mph and up to 8000ft. Not only that, the Martin Jetpack isn’t solely for those with money to burn and is billed as the world’s first practical jetpack thanks to its price tag of £663.65.

Chief designer Martin from New Zealand says: ‘We are definitely considering export sales as the majority of the interest has been from overseas. Training and servicing will initially only be available in New Zealand, though we are looking at setting up distribution centres in the countries with the most demand.’

Wow! What next? Hoverboards?

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