The great parking meter con job

Parking meters that don’t give out change are quietly raking in thousands of pounds of extra cash from motorists every year.

A report in the Sunday Mirror claims that parking operators are slying earning extra money by only accepting the exact change. In some areas a motorist paying 40p with a £1 coin machines would lose the rest of the money.

Town halls and train companies are apparently the worst offenders, with 12 of the 18 mainline stations run by Network Rail not giving change while Mole Valley Council pocketed an extra £100,000 last year from changeless drivers.

The information emerged after motorist Stuart Kirkwood, 36, used the Freedom of Information Act to discover how much his local council was making on over-charging motorists.

‘You have three choices – drive around to find a shop to get change, walk into town and risk a ticket or overpay with whatever coins you have and take a hit,’ he said. ‘There has to be a better way to do this.’

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