The Green Hummer: A Car for the Real World

What has four wheels, five heads, and a futon? It’s the Green Hummer, the eco-friendly SUV!

The Green Hummer is actually yellow – a bicycle pedalled by two, which can seat five (on the futon!). It has the appearance of a car, its frame made of plywood and PVC, with cut-out windows so passengers can communicate with the outside world. Built by a team of nine, it is a vehicle for the real world, where traffic jams are common and parking spaces are few, and oil prices escalate incessantly.

The Green Hummer is “healthy, friendly, non-polluting, simple, inexpensive, fun, and socially responsible.” Based in Georgia, USA, it’s a far cry from the original Hummer, which guzzles gas like an alcoholic does wine. The Green Hummer symbolises the fight against rode rage, consumer culture, and pollution. Driving it is all about enjoyment, patience, and community.

The vehicle is recyclable too. It was disassembled after more than a year of use to make way for the Oxygen-Fueled Car… But that’s another story.

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