The King of Kustom Cars

He is well-known around the world, and his works have been exhibited or reside in collections in Tenerife, Germany, Japan, and even as far as Australia. His work has been featured in over a hundred magazines, and they are as eagerly awaited as the next Harry Potter film. He has held a Guinness world record, and is the major creative force behind the British Kustom scene. Meet Andy Saunders, builder of the world’s most imaginative, most beautiful, and most unforgettable cars.

Check out some of Andy Saunders' funky creations!

As one review stated, “What else would you call it except art?” Saunders’ creations include a Suzuki Wagon R converted into the world’s smallest Hummer, “The Alchemist.” Then there’s a radically lowered Bentley Mulsanne he calls the “Mentley Insanne,” which was chosen as Car of the Month by the Rolls Royce and Bentley Owners Club. And what do we make of the chopped up and re-assembled Citroen inspired by the legendary Pablo Picasso, aptly named “Picasso’s Citroen”? And there’s the “Mini-Haha,” an even shorter version of the Mini Cooper.

These are only some of the dozens of works by the Dorset legend. Last October, 11 of these unique autos were auctioned off at the Automobiles of London event in Battersea Park.

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