The king of parking fines

Football bad boy Mario Balotelli has managed to rack up a cool £10,000 in parking fines since his move to Manchester City in August.

The 20 year-old football wizard has had his white Maserati Gran Turismo car impounded 27 times and even got three parking tickets in a day on one occasion.

A source at Man City told The Sun: ‘Mario will drive from his luxury apartment to a restaurant a few streets away and leave the car on double yellows.

‘The other week the Maserati misfired so he just abandoned it. Staff have had to bail it out 27 times.’

The source contiued: ‘The valet the club uses empties the glovebox of tickets every time he cleans it. Mario doesn't seem to care. It's a drop in the ocean to him.’

Mario was pulled over by the police and he had £25,000 cash on the passenger seat. They asked him why and he said, 'Because I can'. He doesn't care much for authority,’ the source added.

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