The perils of being an examiner

It’s tough taking your driving test, but being an examiner can have a physical as well as mental burden, after 209 examiners reported being verbally assaulted last year and five suffering physical abuse as the pressure for some candidates became too much.

Autoglass obtained the figures through the Freedom of Information Act, and found that 300 learners and examiners were injured in 2010. Of those injuries 147 were serious enough to warrant treatment by a doctor.

During the 1.5million test taken in 2010, there wer more than a million ’dangerous errors’ made by candidates. The most common mistakes made were poor observation and the use of mirrors, making the overall pass rate just 46.3 percent.

That still means that 362,923 new drivers took to the road during 2010. Let’s hope the examiners got the decisions right and passed only safe drivers.

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