The Quirky and Cute Nissan Cube

Proudly wearing a boxy shell, the Nissan Cube features a squared-circle theme with an unusual wrap-around asymmetrical rear window and a sideways opening rear door. Surprisingly spacious inside, the Cube has sofa-like, upholstered seats with wide arm rests. The Cube seats five people comfortably, like a cosy Jacuzzi, according to Nissan designers.

This is the third generation of the Cube, powered by a 88 horsepower, 1.4 litre engine, Xtronic CVT ( Continuous Variable Transmission ) transmission, weighing 2100 pounds overall. A six-speed manual transmission is also available for the Cube. Nissan claims that the Cube will do 30mpg on the highway.

An option for four-wheel-drive, using an electric motor driving the rear wheels, is also available. Tagged as the Nissan Denki ( Japanese for “electric”) Cube Concept, the electric MPV is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which provides twice as much energy compared with conventional batteries of the same type. The Denki Cube Concept serves as a preview of Nissan’s future plans to sell a redesigned gasoline-powered, next-generation Cube beginning in 2009.

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