The silliest road sign

The picture says it all really. The council of Merton, south west London, declined to say how much it had spent on protecting the tiny patch of grass.

A spokes person did comment that: 'The sign was put up to remind motorists that it is illegal to park on the footway, and is designed to deter indiscriminate parking.'

For the AA the tiny sign beggars belief: 'It is the maddest and daftest sign we have seen in a long time. It’s just barking.

'The only hazard it creates is that the post is more likely to cause damage than the grass, It is a complete waste of public money which would have been better spent picking up the litter.'

Council leader Stephen Alambritis added: 'The council is proud of its parks and green open spaces but clearly a sign like this on a piece of grass so small doesn’t make any sense. The sign has been there for years and it’s out of date. I actively encourage all our residents and visitors to get out there and enjoy our wonderful parks, commons and other green open spaces available to all.'

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